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I finally got my hands on this! I usually order my e.l.f. products online, but it becomes a real pain paying the shipping fee all the time. But today, when I took a trip to Target, I finally found this on the e.l.f. rack. I don't know what it is, but the items I want most from e.l.f. NEVER seem to be in stores. I always have to order them online. So you can imagine my surprise when I found this in the store. I usually use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows, but I've been looking for a change up. I purchased this for $3.

The eyebrow kit comes with a dark wax, setting powder, and a double sided brush-- one side being an angled brush and the other being a taklon brush. I got mine in the shade Medium. Swatches below.

I decided to use the product on one of my eyebrows and leave one completely untouched so that I could show you guys a comparison. The first pick is of one of my eyebrows filled in with the product:

Next is of my unfilled in eyebrow:

Now here's a picture of both of them together for further comparison:

Overall: I really like this eyebrow kit. I feel like it still gives me a natural look, even with my eyebrows filled in. As you can probably tell from my untouched eyebrow, I have quite a few sparse places in my eyebrows and the eyebrow kit really helps with that. When using this, I recommend that you don't use the wax on the inner part of the eyebrow because it gives it quite an unnatural look. When I filled in my eyebrows, I use the wax about where the center of my eyes were, and then worked it behind that point. The setting powder is actually great for the inner part of the eyebrow. You don't need much of the powder to fill in the inner part. Then I used the setting powder on the rest of the brow and after letting it sit, it stayed on really well. I swiped my finger across my eyebrow and NOTHING came off. I'm sure there are better eyebrow kits out there, but for $3, this one is a winner. Good job, e.l.f.!

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