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Of course, we are always all lusting after things, but at the moment I've chosen a couple of pieces that ave particularly caught my eye. The first stop we're taking is Forever 21:

Baroque Cigarette Pants - $22.80
Faux Leather Peep Toe Wedges - $34.80
Faux Leather Cross Cut Offs - $24.80

These Baroque pants are to DIE for. They are so classy. I feel like you could dress them up or play it down for a cool, casual day in the summer. I also definitely need some new sandal wedges because the ones I have have become so old because they used to be all I wore in the summer. The cut offs are something a little edgy. The model that wore this on the site looked so good in them and with such busy shorts, I feel like the right way to where this would be a basic, minimal shirt and to top it off- a leather jacket. Which happened to be how the model wore it too!

The second stop we're taking is Zara. The only thing from there that I'm lusting after are these Combination High Heel Sandals that I first saw Sammi from beautycrush wear in a picture on her blog. They looked GORGEOUS. And now I want them, haha.

Combination High Heel Sandals - $49.90

The next thing on my Lust List comes from H&M, and it's just a handbag. I could use a new, lighter handbag because the current ones I usually run to, from Bakers, are a bit on the bigger side (BECAUSE OF ALL MY JUNK!), but I've reduced all the items I need in my bag quite significantly over the past few days and now they are just becoming lost in my gigantic purse. Out with the old, in with the new!

The final things on my lust list are all accessories sold at ASOS (my favorite online store ever because of their year round free shipping... and I'm a sucker for free shipping). The first thing is just a simple gold chain necklace that will spruce up any outfit. The second is also a very simple necklace of a side-turned cross. Very chic and minimalistic. The last thing is this ring by Pixie Lott (love her), which I find so classic and gives off a vintage feel. It reminds me of the type of jewelry my Nana owned

Hope you guys enjoyed this Lust List. I hope you guys didn't feel it was too long. Maybe next time I'll just jam pack the images into one image "polyvore-style" and just talk about them after the jump. Thanks for reading!

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