Lust List | Beauty Edition!

There is just SO MUCH makeup in the world, haha! I'm actually ALWAYS lusting after makeup items but I've decided to narrow down 5 items that I have been wanting badly for a while now. I'm going to start off with lipsticks (I'm lipstick obsessed so no surprise really!)

The first lipstick I want is MAC's Russian Red. The red lipstick that I am usually always going to in my lipstick collection is Revlon's Certainly Red. I feel as though it is the most blue-based red in the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick collection... the other reds in that collection seem to be a little more warm, bright, or orangey. Certainly Red is definitely the darkest red, non-vampy, true red in the collection. 

While I love my Certainly Red for it blue-basedness, I want it to be even bluer and darker. Which is why I have been lusting over Russian Red. I've see swatches of it and it is perfect! I also want it because it is matte and the Revlon one has a Creme finish, which I don't hate but... come on, every girl needs to have at least one matte true red lipstick (I lost the one that I used to have =/). 

The second lipstick I want is from Maybelline's The Vivids lipstick collection. It's the color Hot Plum and I HAVE to have it. I tend to wear a lot of berry/plumy tones on my lips because I feel like they go the best with my skin tone and when I saw a picture of someone wearing this color, I was like I. NEED. IT.

The third item on this Beauty lust list is a highly talked about product called Watt's Up. It is a "champagne" toned highlighter that I feel would go SO great with my skin. Sometimes highlighters tend to be a little to "pearly" and white on my skin. My skin is sort of caramel toned, so those type of highlighters tend to look unnatural. With Benefit's Watt's Up, I think I an achieve a more natural glow to my cheeks due to it's "champagney-ness". But can I just say that the price of this thing is OUTRAGEOUS. $30 for a highlighter... ugh, the price of beauty. If I were you, I'd opt out and get the sample mini version of this for only $8. It doesn't come with the sponge, but as far as reviews go, people usually blend it out with their fingers anyway.

The fourth item I'm lusting after is an item that EVERYONE has now. It has become a cult favorite, and I still haven't gotten my hands on it and it is Urban Decay's Naked Palette. I don't think this even needs an explanation to be perfectly honest, lol.

The final item I want is something that I want because I was watching one of my favorite beauty youtubers, Kellee on her channel JustKellee101. She did a video about her favorite drugstore bronzers. It is hard for me to find good colored bronzers because when you're looking for a bronzer, you want something that is warm and slightly darker than your skin tone to give you that sun-kissed glow. Most of the bronzers that I have are not so "pigment-friendly" to my skin tone, meaning that would only probably show up on people who are fair/more lighter complected than me. Because I think me and Kellee have similar skin-tones (caramel and beigy/yellow undertones), I thought her video would be helpful to me and IT WAS! She listed what her number favorite bronzer of all time was and that is Sonia Kashuk's Bare Illuminating Bronzer in Goddess. When Kellee swatched it on her hand, it was SUPER pigmented and I just knew I had to have it. It has this cool, snake skin texture and the packaging is nice. Sonia Kashuk's products are only sold at Target and they retail for $12.99, but one day I was walking through Target and I saw it for $10.99. This product also comes with a mirror and a (not so popular) brush.

 Just a general tip for my fellow beauty freaks out there: Before you go buy any drugstore product from somewhere else, check out Target stores first. Not Target online, but the actual store because I have always found Target to knock off a couple of bucks from their retail prices.

If I ever get any of these products in the future, I will be sure to make a swatch post for them. I hoped you guys liked this post.

Do you guys think Benefit's Watt's Up is worth the hype? I really want to know (especially it being $30 and all).

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