MAC's Heaux Lipstick from RiRi ♥ MAC Collection | Lip Swatches!

Let me just start off this post by saying that... I love Rihanna! I love her style and I love her music. So the first time I heard that Rihanna was collaborating with MAC, I knew right then and there that I had to get SOMETHING from the collection. I decided that I had to get a lipstick because 1.) I am a lipstick junkie and 2.) I would love to wear what Rihanna wears on her lips.

I do love my berry-toned lipsticks, so no surprise I chose Heaux out of the three shades. Only Rihanna would name a lipstick "Heaux". I didn't really want to get RiRi Woo because I am perfectly content with my red lipstick and I heard RiRi Boy is just Up the Amp but in a matte finish. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on RiRi Boy, but Heaux is what I wanted the most.

I kept hearing that people waited FOREVER online to get their products in their basket to order, but it only took me 5 minutes, lol. The picture below, I feel shows what Heaux really looks like. In the above pictures it's coming off a little pinky.

A lot of people are saying that Heaux is just MAC's Rebel (my favorite MAC lipstick), but in a retro matte formula. I can see why people say this, but I don't totally agree. While Rebel is a teensy bit more glossy because of it's satin finish, it is also more purpley than Heaux is. While Rebel is a full on plum lipstick, Heaux is more of a berry-toned red. On the lips you can definitely tell that Heaux is a red.

Left: Heaux, Right: Rebel 
Left: Heaux, Right: Rebel (W/ Flash) 
Left: Heaux, Right: Rebel (W/O Flash) 

Have you guys tried Heaux? Do you like it or will it not be a lippie you reach for that often?

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