Mascara Mayhem | Covergirl's Clump Crusher

So I went out and purchased Covergirl's Clump Crusher. I decided to choose this because 1.) I hate clumps and 2.) Because of the commercial that I saw where the singer, Pink, endorses it.

I HATE CLUMPS SO MUCH... so I decided to give it a go.

I have to say, this mascara really does live up to it's name. It doesn't clump AT ALL. I really love the brush because it separates my lashes so well! 

BUT here's the problem, I'm a volume type of girl. I like my lashes to be super voluminous. They don't even have to look long, but they HAVE to be voluminous. And the Clump Crusher does not achieve this effect on me at all.

The Clump Crusher does 2 things for me:
  • Separates my lashes
  • Coats them black

Not really impressed with this mascara to be honest. I like the brush a lot because it gets rid of clumps but I feel like my eyelashes look almost the same as they were before... only blacker. The only way I would use this mascara is to put this on first to separate my lashes and THEN take the mascara that I'd really use to elongate and volumize them afterwards. Another thing I'd like to note is that this mascara dries out rather quickly.

But overall, does it live up to it's name? Yes. It is most definitely a "Clump" Crusher.

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