Holy Grail Product | Vera Wang's Princess Perfume


So I have decided to start introducing some products to you guys that I couldn't live without because they are literally amazing. The first product I've decided to share, is surprisingly, a perfume.

Now I haven't come across many "holy grail" lists that include a perfume, but honestly... this perfume is, to me, well worth the title. When I was young, I remember my mother had come back shopping and had bought  new perfume. I asked her could I try it on and she said yes and the rest is history. I fell in looooove. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist, it was so good. I would describe the scent as sweet, yet very clean. There are some perfumes that are entirely too sweet that they just become overwhelming. Vera Wang's Princess hits the mark perfectly. It's not overwhelming at all, while still being sweet. And the staying power of this perfume is amazing. Princess' fragrance notes are listed as "Apple, water lily, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, Tahitian tiare flower, dark chocolate, vanilla chiffon, amber and musk." 

The packaging on this perfume is so cute and might I add, fitting, because this perfume deserves a crown for how amazing it is. The top of the perfume is split up into two parts- the crown and a ring. AN ACTUAL RING THAT YOU CAN WEAR!

I get so many compliments on it and the boys that I'm friends with love it. Especially when they go in for a hug because that's when they smell it the most (Tip: Spray a spritz of perfume on the back of your neck. That way if you hug someone, they can smell it more since that's where their nose falls.) I also love the box that it comes in which I why I still have it. As you can see, I have used up quite a lot of it and I will definitely be buying more. This perfume varies in price depending on which size you get, but the one I have (3.4 FL OZ) retails for $75.00 BUT I never pay that much for it. I paid about $38 + shipping from Fragrance Net. I got mine using 15% off promo that the website informs you about, but here's the thing... Frangrance Net almost ALWAYS has some type of deal. It's always either free shipping or some type of percentage off. And every time I've checked the website in the last 2 months... this 15% off promo for this particular perfume has always been there. You can also ALWAYS find this in stores like Ross or TJ Maxx for as low as $40. Stores like those are always good for finding higher end perfumes for cheaper.

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