I Bought Another RiRi Woo! I Couldn't Help It!

So if you read my last post, you know I have a serious infactuation with this lipstick. So when MAC released Rihanna's Holiday Collection, I knew I had to nab another RiRi Woo because I just know I'm going to run out of the one I'm currently using. I'm not going to talk too much about it because I did that in the last post, but I just wanted to show you guys this GORGEOUS packaging. It is seriously the best packaging MAC has done, in my opinion. I had no problems getting in the MAC queue online. I notice that people always tell stories of how they wait forever before they are allowed to add products of big collections to their carts, but I have never experienced that. I get through the queue in about 5 minutes. Anyway, I bought a RiRi Woo for myself and for my mother as well. One day she saw me wearing RiRi Woo and she said it was stunning, so I thought I'd get her one. She loves her reds, haha! Do you guys get anything from the collection? Did you experience any trouble waiting in the queue?

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