Obsession | Crop Tops and High Waists

In the Fall/Winter, I had been obtaining crop tops non-stop in preparation for the summer because I didn't have any and I thought they would enhance my features. Then I realized that I needed to also buy high waisted bottoms to go with the tops! I have been waiting sooooo long to break out these clothes and now, with the weather getting warmer, I think it's safe to say that I have an addiction.

It all started when I casually strolled into Forever 21 and found these ribbed tank tops in all sorts of colors for only $4.90. I only got three, but really I should have gotten every single color I saw. I got a white, taupe, and rose color. In the pic below, you can see the tops, but I also bought a skirt and slouchy, white buttoned top. I then popped over into the next door H&M and got a grey marl and black crop top (I know. I bought five crop tops that day. But the H&M ones were even cheaper).

I bought the skirt because I wanted something I could maybe wear with one of the crop tops and I thought the slouchy, white shirt buttoned top was just a nice piece to have to layer with. When I went to the dressing room, as I suspected, the skirt looked nice with the taupe colored crop top:

The high waist bottoms that I've been buying so far have been the American Apparel Medium Wash High Waist Jean, the ASOS High Waist Denim Longline Mom Shorts in Mid Wash, and the ASOS PETITE High Waist Denim Mom Shorts in Indigo.

I'll make a post showing you guys what I've been wearing recently and how I've been wearing my crop tops and high waist bottoms. See you! X 

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