MAC's Whirl Lipstick

I was so excited to see a little black package waiting for me because we all know where it's from, haha. MAC just recently released their Matte Lip Collection, which I was extremely excited about because the matte finish is my favorite finish. This is the second Matte Lip Collection that MAC has come out with. The first one was released in October 2014, which makes me wonder if this is going to be a yearly thing, because if so I will be SO happy. The ones I heard everyone were trying to go for where the shades "Whirl" and "Stone," which are the ones I wanted the most as well. But I decided to just get one lipstick (seeing as they are ALL permanent so I can get them anytime), and that one was Whirl.

Whirl is described on the MAC website as a "dirty rose" shade, which I feel makes it sound a little more pinky than it actually is. If I were a professional "Cosmetic Product Describer," (is that even a real job? like who comes up with these descriptions?) I would describe it as a rosy brown, as to make it clear that it is more brown than pink. I automatically assumed this lipstick would be the most popular out of the collection, considering how popular it's lip pencil counterpart is thanks to Kylie Jenner. I have never owned the Whirl lip pencil, so I can't personally say that they are similar, but I have seen swatches of them side by side on Instagram and they are nearly spot on.

In brighter lighting or up close to the face, you can see it's rosiness more prominently, but other than that, on my NC40/42 skin, it looks mostly like a light brown. I have been gravitating towards more brown shades these past months, which I actually used to hate on myself. But I think they have come to look a lot more flattering on myself over the years.

I really love this shade and plan on getting Stone sometime in the future. I've also been eyeing that beautiful blue shade, "Matte Royal," but if I got it I honestly don't think I would reach for it that often, even though it looks GORGEOUS.

What did you get from the collection? 

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