May Favorites!


May Favorites

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream - This has been my go to, everyday lip color. On the NYX website, they describe this as a "Matte Muted Mauve," which I don't completely agree with. It is muted, but it's more of a slightly pinky, terracotta shade. If you don't do brown shades, don't be put off by the color of the tube, it's not too brown at all. I pair it with the NYX lip pencil in Toast (my favorite lip pencil that I pair with absolutely EVERYTHING) and I find the pair go with any look or outfit I wear. (X)

L'oreal Brow Stylist Plumper & e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit - For my brows, these two go together like two peas in a pod. I first apply the Brow Plumper to give my brows some color and to set it in to place so that it makes it easier for me to then go in with my trusty e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit to fill in what the plumper couldn't. (X)

POND'S Dark Spot Correcting Cream (Normal to Oily Skin) - I can finally say that my tendency to get breakouts on my face has decreased. But now I am left with so many dark spots, most especially on my chin and cheeks. This has worked WONDERS for me and I actually have been noticing a difference on my face making it apart of my skincare routine. It's definitely one of those products you have to keep using because it doesn't have overnight miracle results. They have a "Normal to Dry" formula and a "Normal to Oily" formula, which makes it good for everyone to use. (X)

Nike Lebron 12 (Easter) - Never have I ever spent so much on one item, let alone a shoe. If I'm going to spend $200, it's going to be on multiple things. But when I saw this shoe online, I fell so completely in love with them. I would go to bed at night thinking about wearing these shoes, it was so bad. Finally, I figured, it's about time to just treat myself. I'm always writing so many things that I want off because they cost too much, but this time, I finally gave in. I have been wearing them so much and I receive so many compliments on them every time I wear them. (X)

Gourmand EDT Fragrance in Pistachio Brûlée- I went to New York on a class trip and decided to pop into Urban Outfitters. I had grabbed some lip products (surprise, surprise) to purchase. I was at the counter ready to buy my them, but then I came across a set of perfumes just sitting at the counter. I decided to spray the Pistachio Brûlée and I said "Oh my goodness this smells sooo good," to my sister who was standing nearby. I then told her to sniff it and she said "That is so you." The checkout girl said "Is that the Pistachio Brûlée one? That's my favorite one!" And with that, I decided that I needed it in my life. The other scents they had smelled wonderful too, but this one definitely stood out. I will admit that the scent doesn't last as long on me as I would like, but it was $18, which is not as bad as the price of a lot of the other perfumes I usually get. (X)

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Privee Nail Polish in Julianne's Nude - This color is sooooo pretty and muted. Now that I think about it, I'd say that this color is NYX's Cannes in a nail polish bottle. I got so many compliments on it, and with it being such a muted color, I was a little bit surprised. It goes on smoothly and lasts a pretty decent amount of time without chipping. I also want to try the Doutzen's Nude nail polish too, which is a milky, lavender shade. (X)

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - So, when I first got this, I fell in love with it and the way it made my face look. But I began to dabble in other drugstore foundations and kind of forgot about this one. Not only that, but my skin had been more oilier than usual at the time, so I didn't really try to go for this foundation since it is rather "glow-y." Now, for the first time in almost 3 years, my skin has been really good on the oil front. I find that my combination/oily has been more normal (which it was in high school). I still get oily, but not as oily as I usually have been. So one day, I decided to reach for this again and once again... I fell IN LOOOOOOVE. It's just such a good foundation and now I'm worried because I'm running low on it and I don't feel like dishing out the $45 (what used to be $42  about a year ago, seriously NARS, you already cost a fortune) to get another one. I'm in the shade Syracuse and wear an NC42 in MAC (even though I feel like I am in between a NC40 and NC42). (X)

Topshop HEIGHTS Double Strap Sandals - Last summer, the whole Birkenstock trend emerged and when I saw the shoes, I didn't think they were that appealing. Then I was Instagram and saw a picture of these from sianshutterbug and I thought, "Oh yeah, if I'm getting a pair of Birks, it's gonna be these." These looks slightly differently from regular Birks and are a bit more stylish, which is why I think I was attracted to them. They are leather and I think the all blackness of them made me appeal towards them as well. I wore them all last summer, had to put them away for the winter, but now that the weather is nice outside again and summer is approaching, I broke these babies out. Last summer they cost me around $45 to get them, but I just browsed the Topshop site and they now have it for $12.... -_- (X)

e.l.f. Studio Small Tapered Brush - This brush is so versatile. Perfect for blending concealer. Perfect for setting concealer. Perfect for applying highlighter. Perfect for applying contour. It's just overall perfect for doing things to the smaller areas of your face that need more precision. I like using it best for setting the places I apply my concealer, especially my under eye area because it's tapered shape makes it easier to get just inside the inner corner of my eye. (X)

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