What I Got From Previous Lust Lists

So I've come to realize that there are a few things on older Lust Lists that I had never told you guys I actually ended up purchasing since posting about them. I thought that maybe I should update you guys on the things I've purchased and how I've been getting a long with them.

Naked Palette -  I finally got the cult beauty favorite, and let me just say, it lives up to it's hype. All of the shades in this palette are very usable to create an everyday look, whether you want to create a look with the more matte shades such as Buck and Naked, or if you want to go for a more bolder yet still "everyday" look using colors like Half-Baked and Smog. It's just such a good palette to have in everyone's makeup collection. My most used shades: Half-Baked, Sin, and Smog.

Benefit Watt's Up - Another product that I'm not disappointed with. The very first day I wore it on my cheeks, I noticed that people started staring at me longer. I can't tell you how many times I got asked by my friends, what I put on my cheeks. I even got complimented by strangers at work saying that I look so "glowy." I believe it's all thanks to this baby.

MAC's Russian Red Lipstick - Now here's a product that I'm disappointed with. Let me just start off by saying that in my original Lust List featuring this item, I had said I lusted after it because I wanted a red that was "even bluer and darker" than Revlon's Certainly Red, which was my go to red lipstick at the time. I also wanted something that was more matte. So I when I finally obtained this lipstick and tried it on... it was not the color I thought it was going to be. Everyone I know and beauty bloggers across the web had said that it was a lot bluer and darker than MAC's other famous red, Ruby Woo (which I had always avoided because I don't really like bright reds). When I tried on Russian Red, it looked like a warm, tomato-ish red color. I didn't like it at all. I never ever reach for this lipstick, but in the picture of it below it looks like I've used it quite a lot. This is because I put it on every now and then wondering if I'll ever magically fall in love it... and it never happens. So instead, I had just kept using Certainly Red, until I eventually ended up getting Riri Woo, which happens to now be my favorite red lipstick of all time. I liked it so much, I ordered a backup because it is my most used lipstick and I'm almost out of my first tube. People describe both Riri Woo and Ruby Woo as bright reds, but on me, I don't think Riri Woo looks bright at all. But once I run out of Riri Woo, I wonder if Ruby Woo will be able to fill it's place. People say that the two aren't that different, it's just that Riri Woo is slightly bluer and darker. I just hope they really aren't too different because Riri Woo was a limited edition, so I can never buy it again. ='(

ASOS Fine Cross Charm Necklace - I wear this so much. Especially with a v-neck shirt, it's perfect to add a little something to any outfit. As I said in the past Lust List I featured this in, chic and minimalistic. Here's a picture of me wearing it below.

Hopefully I am able to get more products on my more recent Lust Lists so that I can update and review them for you guys ^_^

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