KathleenLights Made Me Buy It


I have been a subscriber of KathleenLights for about a year now and I have to say, she is probably in my top 5 beauty YouTubers to watch. I love her personality and I love the looks that she does on her channel (especially her warm looks because I'm a warm tone fan just like she is). Recently she made a video showing her collection of highlighters and talked about each one in depth. In the video, she says that the one highlighter she gets the most compliments on and gets asked about by people is the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact in the shade 01 Highlight. The way she described it was as a "pure sheen." I don't like overly glittery highlights, as I find it emphasizes the uneven texture of my cheeks. So when she said that it was just a sheen, I was sold.

In the picture above, I applied it in a "C" motion from my browbone to my cheeks, and as you can see... it is one of the most subtle, natural sheens EVER.

The highlight costs $38 and, as described on the Sephora website gives a "sheer, buildable coverage lets you customize your glow, while the modern, multidimensional matte finish imparts a hint of soft luminosity." This I completely agree with. You can go subtle with this highlight, but like I said before you can also go all out and build it up.

It comes with a nice sized mirror, which we can all appreciate, as well. It's a bit powdery, but it's a baked product so... what do you expect? Baked products usually are.

I can totally seeing this becoming holy grail status for me. I feel it's non-glitteryness suits me more than theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer, which emphasizes the unsmooth texture of my cheeks more.

What YouTuber inspires you to try out products? Did it end up working out for you?

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