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Long time, no see. I didn't mean to be away from this blog for so long, but you know how easily one can get a bit sidetracked from these things. That combined with suffering from a bit of a writer's block sort of put me off track. Hopefully, I won't be away for too long going forward, but now that I'm in my final stretch to graduating from college... it might prove a bit difficult. 

So enough lollygagging, I'm just going to talk to you about a couple of things I've ordered recently! I've already received one of the items, and I'm still waiting on the rest.

First up is this little number from Forever 21:

This is the only thing I'e received as of today, so I can give you a little review of what I think. In Forever 21, I usually get a size small, so that is the size I ordered. Now I'm thinking.... I should have ordered a medium. I'm 5'7 and the dress is just so short on me. I don't think I can even wear it as a dress because it's right on the cusp of my butt cheeks. The model in the picture is also 5'7 and is wearing a small, so I thought that it would look like that on me, but I was mistaken. I went online to see if they had any mediums in stock and they didn't.  =(  However, I still LOVE the style of this and will just have to deal with wearing this as an oversized sweater (even though I wanted it to be a dress soooo badly). I'm thinking I can pair this with some black leggings and Timb boots. Yes, yes?

Another thing I ordered is a repurchase and probably my favorite perfume of all time. Vera Wang's Princess perfume. I get mine at a cheaper price on the FragranceNet website. I always use this website to buy my perfumes because not only do they sell them for cheaper, but they also always have coupons!

I was gazing over the Forever 21 website (again, haha) and came across this, and I just had to get it. It would be perfect to just wear with some sneakers, a baseball cap, and maybe some gold bamboo earrings. A pretty casual look:

The last thing I got is something that I believe first came out in a set with three liquid lipstick. Anyway, that trio has been out of stock for AGES. But they brought them back on website and are selling them separately. It's the infamous Dose of Colors matte liquid lipstick in the shade, Stone. I have been seeing this nonstop all over YouTube and Instagram and it just looks so pretty. This is my first Dose of Colors purchase, so hopefully I won't be disappointed.


These are all the things I've bought this past week. I should be getting the rest of what I ordered by the end of next week. Hopefully I will able to get up a lip swatch/ review on the Dose of Colors Stone liquid lipstick for you guys. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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