MAC's Pander Me Lipstick


A muted, peachy matte nude shade. It was released in the first of MAC's The Matte Lip Collection in 2014. It is limited edition, but if you have MAC's Kinda Sexy or MAC's Taupe lipsticks, you wouldn't be too far off base with the color. With Kinda Sexy, a brown lip liner underneath would bring you close to the shade Pander Me. Taupe is more brown in comparison to it.

I have very wrinkly lips, so it's matte-ness does emphasize it, but what's a girl to do? I just have naturally wrinkly lips. I don't wear this shade as often as I should because it really is quite a beautiful everyday, peachy shade. It's probably because I'm more inclined to the darker, browny nudes. Perhaps I'll go for lighter nudes as we get more into the summer.

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